IoT Smart Lock Solution
Keyless Security Enhancement for Guests!

Go full remote control with AirHost IoT Smart Lock Solution to improve security without a physical key.
◎ Contactless Entry
◎ Time-saving for Check-in Process
◎ Worry-free Key Loss
◎ Secure Management

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IoT Smart Lock Partners

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Integrate with AirHost PMS

IoT smart locks are fully integrated with AirHost PMS, which simplifies check-in and check-out management.

◎ Manage in One Dashboard

◎ Booking PIN Code Management upon Bookings

◎ Guest Check-in & Check-out Management

IoT Locks Account Management

Managing lock accounts in one dashboard with ease.

◎ Simple Set-up

◎ PIN Code/ Passcode Management

◎ Lock Maintenance Including Battery and Connection Status

Give & Revoke Remote Access

Smart locks makes it easy to give and revoke access to guests without compromising security. PIN/ Passcode will be automatically regenerate according to the length of stay.

◎ Auto Generate Room PIN/ Passcode for Successful Bookings

◎ Immediate Re-assignment of PIN/ Passcode when necessary

◎ Instant Revoke of PIN/ Passcode for Access

◎ Auto update PIN/ Passcode when booking is cancelled / extended.

Full Remote Management

Lock and unlock room doors remotely from anywhere. If guests forget their passcode, it’s easy to let them in by remotely generating a new code. The linked PIN/ Passcode can be inserted into an automatic message and advance notification.

◎ Long-distance Management with Advance Notice before Arrivals

◎ Remote Locking

◎ Instant Extend of Stay

Safe & Secure

After checking-in, guests will receive room PIN/ Passcode.

◎ Restricting Access Setting

◎ Temporary Unique PIN/ Passcode

◎ PIN/ Passcode expires after checking-out

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