Channel Manager

Increase revenue with high occupancy rate!

Maximize revenue through major OTAs and reach out to more guests. Automatically synchronize your inventory, rates, and discounts.

◎ Reliable, 24/7 real time synchronization

◎ Maximize revenue & Occupancy

◎ Can be linked with other channel managers

Obtained world-class partnership certification

Real-time synchronization of rates & Inventories

Automatic adjustment and synchronization of OTA inventories, price and discounts 24/7, 365 days. Since it is connected as an official API partner, it is highly reliable and can attract guests from many sales channel.

  • Smart operation integrated with PMS functions
  • Speedy auto sync rates between OTAs and channel

Real time bookings

All booking information from OTAs will be auto synced via AirHost Channel Manager and auto update the vacancy on other OTAs. Stable reservation information with low risk of double bookings.

  • Avoid double bookings
  • Auto sync bookings between OTAs and channels

Rate setting for specific OTAs

Different ratings can be set for different OTAs with different promotion plans.

  • Promotion plan settings
  • Sync rate
  • Busy / Off-season, Seasonality batch setting

Auto discount setting

Able to visualize your sales data, providing a comprehensive vSimply set to the lowest % for price sync among OTA channels to maintain the best price guarantee on direct booking with auto discount based on occupancy rate.

  • Monthly, bi-weekly, last minute discount settings
  • Sync discount rate according to reservation status

Integration with other OTAs & channel managers

Reach out to more guests with auto functions and full integration to various OTAs and third-party channels.

  • Official API partners
  • Major OTAs
  • Third-party channels

AirHost channel and distribution

Reach out to more guests with full integration to our official API Partners and various third-party channels upon requests.