AirHost HMS with

Hotel Contactless Solution

A cloud-based system that is designed to automate daily operations from reservations to check-outs for hotels,
private properties and property companies efficiently.

◉ Contactless Check-in & Upsell
◉ Channel Manager
◉ PMS - Property Management System
◉ Booking Engine
◉ Payment Processing
◉ IoT Smart Lock

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Why AirHost HMS?

One Screen Management

Automate Routine Work

Full integration capability

Increase Productivity

Easy Guest Communication

Improve Guest Experience

AirHost HMS Product

We are proud of our in-house products development system and provide them with our own technology with confidence.

Contactless Check-in & Upsell
Efficiently manages bookings, seamless contactless hotel check-in processes, safe and secure payment processing, POS & CRM.
Channel Manager
Maximize revenue through major OTAs and reach out to more guests. Automatically synchronize your inventory, rates, and discounts.
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Full automate daily routine work from booking to check-out to support for hospitality management, either to remotely manage properties or to increase the productivity of hotel staff.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Payment.p-solutionng-5.pngPayment Processing
An automatic payment function that meets security standards for handling credit card information PCI DSS Compliance.



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IoT Smart Lock
Go full remote control with AirHost IoT Smart Lock Solution to improve security without a physical key.
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 Booking Engine
Having a booking website for your business is a necessity and building one with AirHost is effortless to attract guests and increase profits. Be in-charge of your own revenue.

AirHost Customer Success Stories

Namba Ebisu Hotel & Toys Court Tenka Chaya

All-In-One Operation Management of Hotel & Private Lodging Properties

“Customers can check-in by themselves using the four tablets at the front desk, so even if there is only one staff member, up to four groups of customers can check in at the same time.”

AirHost Customer Success Stories

UBIQS Co., Ltd.

Build Trust and Deliver Results

Property management agency focusing on hotel building with the two axes of “unique room concept” and “one-stop service.

“…with the [contactless] check-in system, we have received high praise for our customers to check in more smoothly.”





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