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It’s all about branding & guests’ experiences in the hospitality business. The AirHost system have your best interest at heart and will support your team to meet the milestones.

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An Identity Driven System


Direct bookings through own Booking Engine with competitive rates.

Technology trends

Beef up with Mobile Check-in, Contactless Settlement, E-Concierge, facilities bookings and more.

Dynamic shared Inventories

Provides more room-type options and maximizes revenue.

Flexible day bookings

Multiple time slots for day bookings to attract business usages and transit guests.

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Make Every Guest a VIP with Customized Menus


Connect guests with a Loyalty Program and provide perks for returning ones.


Safe and secure self check-in via devices during peak hours or late night check-ins.


Check-in process will be less strenuous for guests and front-desk employees.


Provide options including Membership perks, Room Services, Transportation, Dining, etc.

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 Your Success Matters To Us

Local On-Boarding

Smooth and systematic on-boarding process for what it seems to be a complex task.

Informative Training 

Training is available upon request, both on-site and virtual. 

Customer Support 

One-to-One conversation because your business matters. 

Features Update

Constant feature updates without add-on fee, improve system usability.

Impress guests to build branding - Taketo Stay

By using AirHost to improve the efficiency of staff's daily work, it is possible to expand a wide range of services to guests other than accommodation, which also leads to branding of the hotels

Our Products

We are proud of our in-house products development system and provide them with our own technology with confidence.

AirHost HMS

AirHost HMS gives you all the tools and flexibility to run your business in a single platform; allows you to run your property fully-unmanned or partially-automated based on your business model.

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AirHost ONE

A Contactless Check-in Solution to deliver optimal guest experiences. Efficiently manages bookings, seamless check-in process utilizing safe and secure technology.

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