October 2020 - Latest Information Update


October 2020 - Latest Information Update

(a) Booking Engine : custom cancellation policy can be created

Booking Engine provides five cancellation policies as default policies. If these five cancellation policies do not meet your requirements, you can now create a custom cancellation policy.


(b) Rate plan: now will be able to see which rate plan is linked in the pricing calendar

Linked rate plan will be display in the price calendar


(c) Check in tablet: will be able to support credit card payment for outstanding balance

*Currently, only credit cards are available. Will support QR payment in the future

Until now, only pre-payment was supported, but if you are using the AirHost check-in tablet + Stripe payment link, you can now support local payment by credit card.


(d) Minimum price : the minimum fee will be reflected even though the percentage is applied below the minimum fee

Previously, when applying the rate template, the rate was not applied to the dates of the percentage below the minimum rate of each rate plan, but this time we have improved the function so that the minimum rate will be applied.


(e) Stop Selling: the “Yes / No” of the Stop Sell will be displayed as set

Previously when apply stop sell on the price calendar, the switch on / off state was not display according to the actual setting but now the calendar operation screen has improved with the “Yes/No” button to disable or enable the Close Out on each rate plan.


(f) Message reply: able to select message template from the “tag” button when replying guest message

When replying guest message, now able select created template from the tag in the drop down menu.


Thank you for your continued support.