December 2020 - Latest Information Update

December 2020 - Latest Information Update


(a) Stripe payment: Automatic payment is now available for “one day after check-in”

“One day after check-in” has been newly added to the automatic payment execution date to support no-shows after the check-in date.


**1 day behind – to charge 1 day after check-in (next day of check-in)

(b) Channel controller: Allow rates synchronize by number of guests on Agoda channel

Previously, you could only sync charges to Agoda for 1-2 people and for 3 or more people.


You can now sync per-guest rates from AirHost PMS to your Agoda rate calendar by enabling the Enable charge-based synchronization for additional people


You can also change the minimum rate per night on Agoda’s side through the Room Channels.


(c) Message board: Able to receive images uploaded to Airbnb via PC

Previously when receiving Airbnb messages, you could only receive image data that was uploaded and sent via a mobile terminal such as a smartphone, but now you will able to receive images uploaded via a PC on the message list page. The image data is displayed as shown below on the message list page.


(d) Channel registration : Changes in C-trip

Hotel ID registration / confirmation location changed when adding property to C-trip. The hotel ID registration screen of AirHost and the confirmation part of the hotel ID of Ctrip when importing have been changed. Please refer to the manual below for the procedure.


**user guide for more detail:

The red frame at the left side of the screen is indicated the Hotel ID

(e) Airbnb pricing: Able to set rule-sets pricing on the Airbnb screen

Hosts with multiple Airbnb listings using “rule-sets” may use the function.

The “rule- sets” set in Airbnb will be charged to the charges synchronized with Airhost. For details, please refer to the Airbnb help below!

How do rule-sets work?

How do I create and edit rule-sets?

(f) Airbnb service charge system change

Fixed host service charge will be increased to 15% starting from 7 Dec.

New fee will be applied to reservations made after December 7th Therefore, we recommend that you proceed with preparations for price adjustment as soon as possible.

  • For details, please check the following user guide.。


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