Property Management System
The System that Maximizes Productivity!

AirHost Property Management System provides full automate daily routine work from booking to check-out to support for hospitality management, either to remotely manage properties or to increase the productivity of hotel staff.
◎ Best Solution for Remote Management and Increase Productivitiy
◎Automate All Your Operation Work
◎ All-in-one from reservation to check-out

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Reservation Management

Auto-arranges every booking for your guests to save time and avoid errors.

◎ Booking Calendar

◎ Auto Room Arrangement

◎ Auto Sync Bookings
between OTAs and Channels – Centralized inventory Management

◎ Shared Inventory Arrangement

◎ Alerts for Booking Problems

◎ Room Blocked Function

Check-in & Check-out Management

Better communication between employees and managers, keeping the team on the same page for guest management and focus on the hospitality.

◎ Check-in Management List

◎ Booking Detail Display

◎ Centralized Message Inbox

◎ Auto Messages to Notify Upon Check-in & Check-out

Pricing & Revenue Management

Effective rates management utilizing the proper tools and maximize your profits.

◎ Seasonal Pricing Templates

◎ Auto Discount Based on Occupancy Rate

◎ Real Time Auto Synchronization

◎ Batch System Update

◎ Setting for Minimum Pricing Rate and Minimum Number of Nights

◎ Payment Management

Sales Reporting System

Able to visualize your sales data, providing a comprehensive view of the overall productivity of your business, making future planning possible.

◎ Monthly Income and Expenditure

◎ Occupancy Rate per Property

◎ Revenue Report per OTAs

◎ Statistic Data Per Market

Cleaning Management

Daily cleaning tasks at glance that effectively improves service efficiency and reduce paperwork.

◎ Assign Inhouse or Third Party Cleaners to Specific Rooms

◎ Cleaning Calendar

◎ Cleaning Memo Setting to View Cleaning History from Previous Cleaners

◎ Auto Cleaning Notifications upon Check-out

◎ Cleaner Account to View Assigned Cleaning Task

◎ Cleaning Setting for Long-stay Guests

Multiple Property Management

No more multiple accounts for multiple properties. You can manage all your properties under one account with ease.

◎ View Multiple Properties in Single Account

◎ Booking Calendars for Single and Multiple Properties

◎ Export Bill / Invoice Details

◎ Assign Management Personnel for Specific Properties

◎ Multiple Currencies
Based on Property Location

Our HMS Products

We are proud of our in-house products development system and provide them with our own technology with confidence.

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