Booking Engine
Build Brand Awareness &
Guest Loyalty

By using Booking Engine with AirHost PMS, inventory will be efficiently managed from bookings, check-in, payment solution, IOT smart lock to check-out. Having a booking website for your business is a necessity and building one with AirHost is effortless to attract guests and increase profits. Be in-charge of your own revenue.
◎ Well thought set-up templates
◎ Individual property customization
◎ Direct Booking
◎ No Commission

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Integrate with AirHost PMS

Manage your inventories in one place, real time updates across all OTAs and your own booking engine.

◎ Manage in Single Dashboard

◎ Avoid Double Bookings

◎ Auto Inventory Updates

Manage Single/ Multiple Properties

Sell and manage one or more properties under one account with ease.

◎ View Multiple Properties in Single Web Tool

◎ Mobile Friendly

◎ Flexible settlement process

◎ Users Assignments to One or More Properties

Low Price Guarantee

Always maintain the best price on direct bookings. Encourage guests to visit booking site regularly.

◎ Build Brand Loyalty

◎ Get Returning Guests

◎ Increase Revenue

Generate Seasonal Promotion / Coupon

Perks for return patrons and first-time guests who visit your booking website.

◎ Create & Maintain Coupons Easily

◎ Plan Seasonal Discounts in Advance

◎ Increase Bookings & Revenue

Secure Payment Gateway

Coupling with AirHost Payment Solution, new bookings will be verified and payments will be guaranteed.

◎ Hassle-free payment collections

◎ Automated Payment

◎ Flexible Settlement Agreement

◎ Cancellation Policy

Support Multiple Currencies/ Languages

Guests have the option to book in their own language and preferred currency. Support 4 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

◎ Improve Guest’s Experience

◎ Promote Guest’s Instant Booking

◎ Increase Booking Rates

Our HMS Products

We are proud of our in-house products development system and provide them with our own technology with confidence.

Seize the advantage

A leading hotel group deserves the leading hospitality cloud.
Let us show you how AirHost can elevate your business with powerful technology and automation.

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