Hotel Fuji

Transitioning from Traditional Management to Modern Technology Management

“We would like to pursue the creation of a more convenient and comfortable space for our guests by actively incorporating lifestyles and IT technologies that match the evolution of the times.

“With AirHost System, we are able to update all the changes to OTAs all in one.”

– Hotel Fuji

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Transition from Traditional Management to Modern Technology Management.

Located 20 minutes from Singapore Changi Airport, for more than 20 years, Hotel Fuji has been a resting venue for various guests around the globe from local Singaporeans, Permanent Residents to tourists from Australia, Malaysia, England, USA, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, etc. Hotel Fuji aims to provide affordable, comfortable, clean and hygiene stay for all types of guests including transit stay, short term stay and long term stay.

AirHost Products Usage by Customer

The AirHost Hospitality Management System (HMS) that Hotel Fuji uses for their hotel management solution:

Channel Manager AirHost Channel Manager
Payment Processing Stripe
Booking Engine AirHost Booking Engine

Online Travel Agencies (OTA): AirHost, Booking.com, Agoda, Trip.com, Airbnb, Traveloka


– May 2021

AirHost: Please share with us the specialty of your hotel.
Hotel Fuji: Most of our tourists are those who are looking for a reasonable price, and a comfortable place to come back after a whole day to change, to have a shower, and a good night rest. The guests like to have an affordable, comfortable and hygienic place.  

AirHost: Please tell us about your property’s situation during the pandemic. 
Hotel Fuji: We are currently providing services for long term stay for two main types of guests: 1. foreigners who could not go back to their country during the Pandemic on a monthly basis and 2. some Stay-Home Notice (SHN) guests with permit holders from China and Taiwan. But we are very cautious in terms of SHN guests also to ensure safety during the pandemic. We always frequently sanitize the rooms, the toilets, and the common areas which are safe for us, for guests and for our staff who work here. We are also a Singapore Certified Clean Hotel.

Safety Measures
Cleaning Certificate

AirHost: Please share the reasons why you decided to introduce the AirHost system to your hotel operation.
Hotel Fuji: There was a coincidence that AirHost staff came over and introduced the AirHost system to me. At that time, I was interested in Channel Manager because I have 5 OTAs. Every time, individually, I had to make all the pricing, all the changes, through all of them, which took me so much time, so I decided to try out the AirHost system. 

AirHost: Please share with us any changes to your hotel operation since the system was introduced
Hotel Fuji: With AirHost Channel Management,  everything becomes easier. With AirHost, I can make all the room rates, and room allotments, and confirm guests booking all at one stop AirHost. So this saves us a lot of time and manpower; so I can concentrate on other areas. Before that, my colleague and I had to update all the changes manually. Just this AirHost system itself could help us to distribute all the details to all different OTAs. I was able to utilize the auto messages function and reply to our guests’ inquiries through the AirHost system.

AirHost: Do share with us your vision for your facility in the future
Hotel Fuji: We would like to try to package sight-seeing tours, and nicely decorated bento boxes to guests into our future services.

” I was able to utilize the auto messages function and reply to our guests’ inquiries through the AirHost system.” – Hotel Fuji

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