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Time-saving with All-in-one Hotel Management System

“We would like to pursue the creation of a more convenient and comfortable space for our guests by actively incorporating lifestyles and IT technologies that match the evolution of the times.

“The system saves us half to one hour everyday, so we can focus on other tasks.”

– CherryLoft

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Centralized management system for multiple properties management

  • Client CherryLoft Resorts and Hotels Pte. Ltd. 
  • Property Facts 4 properties, 370 rooms
    Hotels, Resorts & Service Appartment 
  • Location Pasir Ris, Lorong, Loyang Besar, Geylang in Singapore
  • Address https://cherryloft.airhost.co/

CherryLoft Resorts is ideal for fun and leisure in Singapore’s Pasir Ris region. Located about 20km from the town center, guests will have the beach resort experience and have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The exceptional service and superb facilities at CherryLoft Resorts make an unforgettable stay for guests. Both CherryLoft Resorts and service apartments provide short-term and long-term stay for guests. Their aim is to bring the best experience to guests during their stay.

AirHost Products Usage by Customer

The AirHost Hospitality Management System (HMS) that CherryLoft uses for their properties management solution:

Channel Manager AirHost Channel Manager
Payment Processing Stripe
Booking Engine AirHost Booking Engine

Online Travel Agencies (OTA): AirHost, Agoda, Trip.com, Expedia


– May 2021

AirHost: Please share with us the specialty of your hotel.
CherryLoft: Our resort is a beachfront resort that attracts a lot of families with young children. We have a beachside for every single unit with facilities so guests really enjoy it.  What is so special about our resort is that each of our chalets has a private BBQ pit and our guests do not need to share their BBQ pit with other guests. Besides that, we also have a swimming pool, and game lounge for guests to relax after their work.

AirHost: Please tell us about your property’s situation during the pandemic. 
CherryLoft: During Covid-19, we actually take additional steps to ensure sanitization, cleanliness to make sure there is no virus spread. We also target different groups of guests according to the market situation.  We moved from targeting foreigners to local guests.

Game lounge for guests to relax at CherryLoft Resort

AirHost: Please share the reasons why you decided to introduce the AirHost system to your hotel operation.
CherryLoft: We got introduced by an AirHost staff member. We got interested because of the promotion package provided by AirHost for Singapore SME Hospitality during the pandemic. That helped us to decide to try out the product.

AirHost: Please share with us how AirHost has supported your business since the system was introduced.
CherryLoft: We used AirHost to manage most of our bookings and OTAs. We are also able to manage all our properties in one platform and link up all OTAs in one place. So we can have all information in one platform, one list where we can easily access it, which is very useful. The system saves us from half to one hour so we can focus on other tasks every day.

Also, compared to other products, AirHost especially helps us to manage all of our properties in one platform as well. AirHost is great, we enjoy using the system and the staff is very helpful. With any question we have, the staff always gets back to us in time. 

AirHost: Please share with us how have you utilize AirHost Booking Engine for your management system.
CherryLoft: Overall, the AirHost Booking Engine was very helpful and we are very satisfied with it. Our guests could book their stay through the booking engine and it automatically linked up to the AirHost PMS. So we don’t have to manually input the guest information from the Booking Engine to the booking calendar. We really enjoy using the system.

AirHost: Do share with us your vision for your facility in the future.
CherryLoft: We are looking into different opportunities to grow and to try different market segments and we hope for the best for the future.

“Our guests could book their stay through AirHost booking engine and it automatically linked up to the AirHost PMS, which is very helpful.” – CherryLoft

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