[2-5] Sending Price/Availability to OTAs

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[2-5] Sending Price/Availability to OTAs


This guide gives you an overview of the Multi-Channel Synchronization Settings.

Manage OTAs rates and rules directly from Airhost PMS. Automatically adjust the sales price percentage and synchronize with each OTA. Airhost inventory synchronization takes place in the shortest possible time and average of 5 minutes, which effectively reduces the risk of double booking compared to inventory management such as iCal.


1. On your Dashboard page > Click on the Settings icon of your property you want to synchronize.

Click on Settings

2. On the left sidebar of the House Detail page > Click Channels.

Click on Channels

3. Click on the Channel logo or the “+” button on the right.

Click on Channel or the add button

Note that the settings differ for each channel. Below is a guide of the common settings for most channels:

  • Enabled: Enables the sync settings below when it’s toggle is switched ON.
  • Sync Availability: Turn it on when you want to sync availability to the OTA listing.
  • Sync Price: Turn it on when you want to sync price to the OTA listing.
  • Percentage: Enter the percentage of the price you want to set to the OTA listing.
  • Status: Change the listing status of the OTA listing (listed/unlisted).
  • Sync Discounted Price: Turn it on when you want to sync the discount price to the OTA listing. “Auto discount” setting of the property should be switched on in AirHost PMS to sync it.

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