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Note: To perform Ctrip integration, you must first have AirHost set as the Channel Manager used for your listing. Contact your Ctrip representative and let them know that you would want to use AirHost as your channel manager, and request for a configuration.

This article covers the following topics:

Getting Started

How to add a New Ctrip channel

1. Under Listing Management > Select Channels.

You may click on either of the arrows.

2. Select Add Channel.

You may skip this step if you have selected the shortcut on the right.

3. On the Add Channel page > Look for Ctrip channel > click on the Add button. 

Adding C-trip Channel.

4. On the Channel Credentials page, enter the Name, Username and Password for your Ctrip account > Click on the Save button.

Enter Name, Username and Password.

5. After adding the Ctrip channel > Click the Edit icon.

Click on

6. Select Payment Method from the dropdown given.

7. Enter Hotel ID, Room Type Code and Room Type Name and click Save.

Enter details and click Save

How to find Hotel ID from Ctrip account

1. Login to your Ctrip account.

If you have properties shown in your Ctrip account, the pop-up will show when you sign in. The Hotel ID is shown beside the property you want to add.

Hotel ID from C-trip account.

2. Go to Property Info on your navigation bar.

3. On the left sidebar, Click Property Info > Room Information.

This will give you the Room Type Name and Room Type Code.

Room Type Name and Code

4. Once Hotel ID, Room Type Code and Room Name have been entered, the drop-down for Rate Plan will appear.

5. Select the Rate Plan > Click Save.

Rate Plans

How to add Rate Plans

Note: If you have more than one rate plan, you must also define a corresponding rate plan on Airhost side.

1. Click on the Settings Icon of the property on your dashboard.

Settings Icon

2. On the left sidebar > Select Calendar & Pricing.

3. Click the green button Rate Plans & Rules > New Rate Plan.

Adding New Rate Plans

Link and Sync between Airhost and Ctrip

1. Go to Listing Management > Channels > Select Ctrip > Link your Ctrip property to an existing room in Airhost.

2. Under the property’s House Details > Channels (for hotel type property, it will be Room Channels) > Select Ctrip

3. Click to enable syncing of data.

3. Click Sync to start the synchronization process between Airhost and Ctrip.

You have successfully created a Ctrip Channel.

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