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[3-2] Airbnb


This article covers the following topics:

Getting Started

Adding a new Airbnb channel on Airhost PMS

Note: Only listed properties will be imported. If you have non-listed properties, please change listing status to Listed before importing. You can change the status back after importing.

Note: Airbnb API does not allow co-listing properties for other people.

1. Select Channels under Listing Management.

You may click on either of the arrows

2. Click Add Channel.

You may skip this step if you have selected the shortcut on the right

3. Click on the Add button for Airbnb.

Look for

4. Enter Name, Username and Password for your Airbnb account > Click on the Save button.

Enter the details and click Save.

Connecting with Airbnb

1. Click on https://www.airbnb.com/logout to log out of your Airbnb account > Click Next.

Log out of your Airbnb account and click Next.

2. Click on Connect with Airbnb.

Connect with Airbnb.

3. Login to your Airbnb account.

Login to your Airbnb account.

4. After reading the Airbnb Additional Terms of Service > Tick the checkbox > Click Allow.

Check the Terms of Service box and click on Allow.

5. Click Return to Airhost PMS Test.

Airbnb account has been created.

Airbnb Official API is now enabled. Your Airbnb listings (Listed status) will be imported to Airhost PMS.

Viewing the listings imported from Airbnb

1. Select Channels under Listing Management. 

Click on Channels.

2. Select your Airbnb Channel.

Select the Channel you have just created.

3. Click on the House List tab to see all the listings.

Click on House List.

In the event when the listing has not shown up yet, please click on the refresh button.


Adding a listing imported from Airbnb

Note: This is only applicable to new properties in your Airbnb channel that is not yet on Airhost.

  1. Select Channels under Listing Management. 
Select channels under listing management.
  1. Select your Airbnb Channel.
Select the Channel the property is listed under.
  1. Click on the House List tab.
Click on house list.
  1. Click the menu icon for the newly imported property > Select Show in dashboard as a new property.
Select show in dashboard as a new property.
  1. Select Property List (Pro) under Listing Management. 
Go to property list (pro).
  1. Click on the new imported property.
Select the property.
  1. You will be redirected to House Detail page where you can view the imported details.
House detail page

Editing the property’s details

  1. Click on the Edit icon to update the property’s details in House Detail.
  2. Check that address and map location is correct. They must both be correct to enable syncing with Airbnb.
Click edit to make changes.
  1. Click Save after making changes.
Click save to save changes.
  1. In the Setting tab > Check that all the fields are correct, especially those specific for Airbnb.
Ensure details are correct.

Editing the property’s room details

  1. Click on Room Detail in your House Detail‘s menu.
Click room details from menu.
  1. Click the Edit icon to update your room’s Description, Room Setup, Amenities information.
Click edit to update room's information.
  1. Click Save after making changes.

Managing the property’s photos

  1. Click on House Photos in your House Detail‘s menu.
Click house photos.
  1. Pictures imported over from Airbnb will be displayed.
  2. You can manually upload more photos for your property by clicking Upload.
Click upload.
  1. You can set a photo as a cover image by clicking on the middle green icon when hovering on any photo. This is only for Airhost PMS display purposes.
Click green icon.
Set a photo as the property’s cover image by clicking the green icon.
Cover image updated.
House Detail menu will be updated with the selected cover image.

  1. Click the white icon to view the enlarged photo.
  2. Click the red icon to delete the photo.

Note: Airbnb requires at least 6 photos.

Syncing the property with Airbnb

Note: This is only applicable to properties you have imported from your Airbnb channel.

  1. Click on Start Managing in your House Detail‘s menu.
  2. Click Confirm from the pop up message to activate the house on the PMS.
Click start managing.
  1. Click on Room Channels in your House Detail‘s menu.
Click room channels from menu.
  1. Please read the following before you click on Enable Pricing & Availability Sync for the property.
    • Make sure you have correct price settings in Calendar & Pricing page.
    • The listing will be temporarily unlisted from Airbnb until it is approved. The approval process may take several days depending on Airbnb.
    • The existing listing is converted to Instant Book if it was previously Request to Book.
    • All iCal imports in Airbnb will be disconnected after the linkage is complete. So it is important to make sure Airhost has all the reservations and blocked dates for this listing.
    • Airbnb price calendar will no longer be available. All block and price control will be done from Airhost price calendar after enabling sync.
  1. After sync is enabled, Document URI and Last Synchronization Time will be updated.
  2. A green Edit button will appear for this room channel.
  3. Click the Edit button and switch on Enabled.
Switch on enabled to set options for sync.
  1. Click on Save to start syncing.
  2. Click on Go To Calendar & Pricing Page if you have not set the pricing and availability for the property.
  3. Click Save to Start Price Sync to proceed.
Ensure pricing and availability of the property is correct before proceeding.

You have successfully completed your Airbnb integration with Airhost PMS.

Link Imported House(s) from Airbnb to Airhost Listing

Note: This article is only applicable to imported houses that already exist on Airhost.

1. Select Listing Management > Dashboard.

2. Click on the Settings icon next to the Airhost listing that you wish to link.

Click on the Settings icon

3. Click on Channels.

Click on Channels on the left bar

4. On the Channels page, select your target channel.

5. Select the imported house that you wish to link.

6. Click on Link To This Room button.

Select Target Channel and the Imported house and click Link To This Room.

7. Check the settings of the linked OTA.

8. Click Edit if you wish to change the settings.

9. Click Save once you are done.

Check the settings of the linked OTA.


1. Under Listing Management > Channels > Select the Name of the imported house you wish to link.

2. On the Channel Credentials page, click House List. Search the property you want to link > Click the icon on the right.

Select the dropdown Link to an existing Room.

* Check the import of the reservation.

** Import of bookings will start once you link the imported house to Airhost listing (except Airbnb), even the listing is still unmanaged. The time required for synchronization varies based on the number of bookings. Please make sure the booking synchronization is done properly. 

You have now successfully imported House(s) to Airhost Listing

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