[6-3] Setting Up Promotions

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[6-3] Setting Up Promotions


Nurture guest relationships by customizing different kinds of web promotion and encourage repeat business. Increase your profit from direct bookings through your website and pay zero comissions.

This article covers the following topics:

Note: Promotions are applied to all your Web Site Hotels.

Getting Started

Set Up Promotion

1. Under Listing Management > Web Site > Promotion > Click New Promotion button.

Click new promotion.

2. Under New Promotion, fill in Coupon Name, Code, and select your Time Zone from the dropdown.

Fill in details

3. To set Start Time and End Time, either select dates and set time from pop up calendar,
OR key in directly in Start date and End date fields > Click Apply.

Note: Start Time cannot be earlier than your current time.

After set, click apply.

4. Set Rule, Discount, Usage Limit, and fill in Description for the promotion > Click Save.

Click save.

Use Promotion Code

1. At Payment Information stage of booking, guest can enter the Code under Coupon field > Click Apply.

Note: Code is case-sensitive.

Enter code and click apply.

2. If valid, Coupon Discount will be applied.

  • Within Start Time and End Time of promotion.
  • Rule is fulfilled.
  • Within Usage Limit.

Extra Features

Edit Promotion

1. To edit a promotion, select the promotion > click Edit icon.

Click edit.

Note: Code can only be edited for Pending promotions.

2. To pause a promotion, change the Status to Archived > Click Save.

Note: Archived promotion cannot revert to Active status.

3. To delete a promotion, click Delete icon.

Click delete icon.

You have successfully set up promotions.

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