[6-1] Enable Booking Engine

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[6-1] Enable Booking Engine


Airhost Booking Engine feature lets you create your own website and receive direct bookings for your property. Create your own modern and stylish web site in just a few clicks. Update real-time contents, photos, and promotions on your own website easily. Increase your web site direct bookings from return guests. Personalize the entire booking process from booking to check-out. It is fully Integrated with Airhost PMS, making it even easier for you to manage your property’s online presence making it your most profitable sales channel.

This article covers the following topics:

Getting Started

Add Subscription for Booking Engine

1. Under My Profile > Account Setting > Subscriptions > Click Change to add Airhost Booking Engine subscription.

Click change to add subscription.

2. Add Airhost Booking Engine licenses for the number of rooms to be linked.

Add subscription.

3. Click Upgrade under Payment to confirm your subscription purchase.

4. Upon confirmation, you will see Web Site option under Listing Management.

Web Site option now available.

Enable Booking Engine for Property

1. Go to House Detail menu of the property either from Dashboard > Settings.

Click property's settings from dashboard.

Or Listing Management > Property List (Pro) > Nickname, or select Edit from menu dropdown.

Click on property's nickname or select edit.
Click the property’s Nickname, or select Edit.

2. Select Subscription Add-Ons > Click Website tab > In Website Add-On, add Airhost Booking Engine.

Add Airhost Booking Engine.

3. Check that your Available License is sufficient to cover your Required License for the property. Click Enable to proceed.

Click enable.

4. Click Save to enable Booking Engine for your property.

Click save.

5. Once enabled, go to property’s House Detail menu > Channels, you will see Airhost Channel added > Click + icon to complete set up.
(*For hotel type property, it will be Room Channels)

Tip: Refer to Setting Price & Discounts > Syncing your Price to your Channels to complete your Airhost channel setup.

Click + to set up airhost channel.

6. Please ensure that Stripe payment has been set up and enabled for your property before proceeding.

Tip: Refer to Setting up Stripe.

You have successfully set up your Booking Engine.

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