AirHost integrates with Indonesian online travel agent “tiket.com” to expand inbound sales channels.


AirHost integrated with the Indonesian online travel platform “tiket.com” to help hotels expand inbound sales channels to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.

And together with the contactless check-in functions, AirHost helps hotels streamline their operations and create better hospitality service to guests by providing self-check-in.

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  • With the API integration, the room inventory, room rate, and accommodation availability can be automatically synchronized from AirHost to Traveloka in real-time so that you can manage all your channels just in one place.

  • All booking information can be automatically synchronized from Traveloka to AirHost and then AirHost updates the availability to other OTAs in real-time so that can avoid double bookings automatically.

  • You can set up the special price and discount by using the pricing tier function. Also, you can receive and reply guest messages from Traveloka in AirHost as well.

  • The integration of AirHost and Traveloka can help hotels maximize revenue and reach out to more guests from Indonesian and other Southeast Asian markets.

Partner Introduction

tiket.com was founded in 2011 and acquired by Djarum Group, Indonesia's largest business conglomerate in 2017. tiket.com is one of the largest online travel agents in Indonesia, which focuses on providing customers with airline tickets, hotels and accommodations, transactions, and other travel experiences(local tour, activities) etc. tiket.com has website and mobile app which are widely downloaded in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.