Welcome to smarter stays! With AirHost and LINKEY PLUS, we're leading the way


We're excited to announce that you can now use the mobile app-based smart lock "LINKEY PLUS" through AirHost. By integrating LINKEY PLUS with AirHost, managing accommodations becomes even smarter.

With convenient features like a 10-digit keypad, NFC, physical key unlocking, automatic locking, adjustable volume for night and guest-friendly operation, battery level warnings, advanced security features such as master key functionality and fake PIN, and even bedtime or outing locks, LINKEY PLUS ensures peace of mind and comfort for guests with its advanced functionality.

This advancement not only enables smart check-ins and check-outs, reducing operational costs, but most importantly, it leads to improved guest satisfaction, translating to "advanced hospitality."

Airhost and LINKEY PLUS


  • Convenience of App Unlocking:
    Guests can use their smartphones as keys, easily accessing the accommodation with just one app. This is especially convenient for travelers with lots of luggage or those who prefer not to carry physical keys or cards.

  • Detailed Access Permissions:
    Administrators can grant access to guests and staff for specific dates or periods, enhancing security while increasing operational flexibility.

  • Transparent Operation Log Management:
    Real-time access logs allow for tracking who unlocked which door and when. This improves response time in case of security issues and enhances the reliability of accommodation operations.

  • Easy Guest Guidance:
    Providing key information to guests becomes effortless. With a simple link click, the app can be installed, ensuring smooth access to the accommodation. This streamlines the check-in process and boosts guest satisfaction.

Partner Introduction

UME is a company that offers innovative smart lock solutions for accommodations, including the cutting-edge "LINKEY PLUS." These products significantly enhance the security and convenience of accommodations, contributing to easy management, high safety standards, and increased guest satisfaction.

As an ideal partner for accommodation operators, LINKEY addresses challenges they face and aims to provide guests with a comfortable stay experience.