AirHost integrates with AlMEX KIOSK to manage guest payment from automatic payment machine in PMS.


With the integration of AirHost PMS and ALMEX KOISK produced by Almex System Technology Asia, AirHost enables hotels using AirHost PMS to manage guest self check-in & check-out and payment at ALMEX KOISK(automatic payment machine) which supports credit card payment and cash payment.

Also by using pre check-in function in AirHost ONE, guest reservation information can be automatically updated into ALMEX KOISK, and guest check-in & check-out status also can been confirmed in AirHost PMS in real time.
The integration empowers unmanned and labor-saving front desk operations for hotels.

Almex Airhost


  • Device information (check-in & check-out, payment status) can be managed in AirHost PMS.
    As all actions guests do in self-service machine will be automatically updated in AirHost PMS in real time, hotels are able to manage guests’ check-in, check-out, payment status remotely.

  • Guest list for arrival day can be collected in advance by using AirHost ONE(web pre check-in function). Guests can easily enter the room only by identity verification and payment settlement when they arrive.
    By using AirHost ONE(web pre check-in function), URL for pre check-in guidance will be sent to guests automatically to guide guests to enter their information in advance from PC or mobile phone. These information will be automatically updated into ALMEX KOISK and hotels are able to guide guests directly to the room just by identity verification and payment settlement when guests arrive.

  • Personalized room PIN code can be generated with automated reservation and room allocation by using smart key.
    By using the smart key that integrated with AirHost PMS, hotels can guide guests the room pin code that matches guests’ reservation in ALMEX KOISK once guests complete the identity verification.
    As room number and key devices in each room are matched in AirHost PMS, the room pin code will be issued by room allocation and automatically updated when the room allocation changes. Also, hotels can automate the room allocation by using optimized automatic room allocation function in AirHost PMS.

  • Notifications can also be automatically sent to relevant cleaning staff and cleaning company upon guests’ check-out and start the cleaning in a seamless time.
    Guest check-out status that carried out at ALMEX KOISK will be automatically sent to the cleaning staff, cleaning company through AirHost PMS, so that make sure the cleaning task can be executed in time. In addition, by completing the cleaning early and preparing the room for the next guest, hotels can flexibly respond to the guest's check-in time request, which will lead to an improvement in the occupancy rate and guest satisfaction.

Partner Introduction

ALMEX, a USEN-NEXT GROUP, has the No. 1 market share in automatic payment machine in Japan and provides self check-in & check-out machines for hotels in a variety of situations. All ALMEX hotel products feature innovative technologies for the best possible hospitality while maximizing earnings for hotel operators.

  • Smart operation through cooperation with PMS manufacturers and room key manufacturers

  • Secure design with enhanced guide display

  • Variety of payment methods Cash, credit card, and QR code payments

  • Dedicated cashless unit(Table-top type KIOSK)