Smart Check-in

Check-in to your room at any time. Automated functions- from booking to check-out process and fully integrated with OTAs and IoT smart locks.

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Seamless guest check-in experience

Improve your guest experience with an easy and smooth check-in process. Complete guest details prior to arrival via a web page. Upon arrival, the check-in process via Smart-ID to minimize waiting time. Smart check-in apps on a tablet that runs on native applications. It works much smoother and faster compared to the web-based app.

Safe and Secure

Verification of guest ID and auto-assign room info during the smart check-in process is managed automatically in a safe and secure way. Fully integrated with IoT smart locks, Airhost PMS auto-assign room PIN code and room number upon check-in, giving your guests a truly breeze-through experience.

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Auto Room Allocation

With Airhost auto room allocation function, guests will be able to see their room number instantly after completing check-in.

IoT smart locks integration

Fully integrated with the IoT smart locks, room door PIN automatically set and assigned during check-in and reset upon check-out. Auto notification to the cleaning team upon guest check-out as well.

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Our IoT Smart lock partners

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Advance web check-in

Complete guest details prior to arrival via web page.

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    Auto-sync booking info/notications

    All booking info is auto-synced and guest get auto notification via a Web page link. No more manual input/notifications.

  2. 2
    Input info/Upload

    Upload your passport photo in advance.

  3. 3

    Customize and set the input items according to the region and nationality.

  4. 4

    Check-in smoothly on the arrival day!


Tablet check-in solution with full integration with IoT smart locks.

How does it works?



Search your booking to check-in. Easy search by reservation number/name.

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Smart ID verification

Auto search and locate guest booking info. Identification: Passport Indentity. Video chat: Video conversation with remote frondesk.


PIN code and Room allocation

Fully integrated with IoT smart locks to auto assign room and generate PIN code. Get room number instantly and use PIN code generated from Tablet to unlock smart door locks to check-in anytime.

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Easy check-out process. Search your booking to check-out. Check-out notification, room PIN code auto-reset and auto-notifications sent to cleaning crew.

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Automated payment machine

Accept payment from your guests via automatic payment machines. Fully interoperable with Airhost Smart check-in to bring your guest to a seamless and hassle-free check-in experience. The automatic payment machine is fully integrated with Airhost PMS.

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Our check-in machine partner


Safe, Fast and Convenient.

More reliable, flexible, and scalable. Improve your guest experience with an easy and smooth check-in process.

24/7 and 365 days

Auto Room Arrange

Smart ID Verification

Payment Gateway

IoT Smart Lock Sync

Cleaning Notification

A Seamless Experience For Your Guests.

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