Property Management System

Manage all your listings from a single dashboard, synchronize everything automatically from guest communication, channel management to your own booking website.

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Simple yet powerful

Fully integrated capability

Airhost's PMS integrates seamlessly with our other solutions, such as secure payment gateway, IoT smart locks, channel manager, and Airhost's web engine, making your hotel management smarter and easy to manage.

Automation tools

Automate all your routine work

It’s hard to keep up with every single message and booking request you receive, especially when you own multiple properties and/or list them across several channels. With AirHost, messages, rates, analytics and even booking inquiries become automated with our wide selection of automation tools that will be at your disposal.

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STay ahead of your competition

Analyze and manage your revenue easily.

Airhost PMS comes with a robust reporting system. Analyze monthly income and expenditure. Accurate forecasting based on market demand, occupancy and season for better revenue. OTA sales, room performance, average stay nights and etc can be all easily sorted and performed in a single dashboard. Access to your reports instantly and get the insights of the past years data and forecast your future performance in just a few simple clicks.

Centralized communication

All guest inqueries in one place

AirHost’s PMS grants you easy access to guest inquiries and other communications. Stay updated and easily keep track of everything that goes on with your listings in one single inbox.

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Auto messages

24/7 Guest communication

Send auto messages to greet your guests even before they arrive at your property. Customize pre-arrival, check-in guide to post check-out messages to your guest with our readily available templates. Set the messages with auto functions in your preferred sequence with multiple languages to choose from.

Auto room allocation

Opitimize room arrangement with one click

Save hours of manual routines and avoid double bookings with Airhost auto room arrangement function. Choose to toggle between manual drag and drop or use auto-arrange function to optimize your room utilization ahead of time with ease.

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Cleaning management

Never miss a cleaning task

Easily manage your housekeeping without missing a task. Airhost cleaning management tools allow you to customize different cleaning task and manage cleaning teams efficiently. With Auto notifications, calendar and task sharing all easily available and accessed by anyone at anytime and anywhere.

Payment processing

No more last minute cancellations

With Airhost automatic payment function, every booking and the credit card information are handled with data security standards via Stripe. Credit card information are verified at the time of booking by OTAs or at your own website. Credit card authorization and settlement automatically processed according to your cancellation policy.

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Smart check-in available

A seamless guest experience for check-in and check-out process with Airhost smart check-in solutions. Fully integrated with smart locks companies, your guests check-in and check-out is a breeze. Guests may do self-check-in by acquiring PIN code through Airhost smart check-in solutions at anytime.

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Easy and Intuitive

Room Arrangement

Save time and avoid errors! Airhost PMS auto-arranges every booking's room allocations for your guest.


Fully automated and customizable message system for guest check-in and check-out instructions.

Cleaning Management

Daily cleaning tasks at a glance that effectively improves service efficiency and reduces paperwork.

Check-in Management

Find out who is check-in and checkout today easily.

Guest Inquiry Management

Reply guests' inquiries from various OTAs in one place. No longer need to login to different OTA websites to check guest's messages.

Finance and Payments

An automated invoicing system with payment management for the cleaning services company. Payment processing for direct bookings and OTA.

Perfect for Your Business

Easy to use, customizable, automated and reliable.

Easy to use

Airhost's PMS interface is simple yet powerful, with clean and user-friendly tools.


From setting templates for guests' communication to room allocation, all are customizable.


Fully automated functions- from booking to check-out process.


Stable, secure and reliable cloud based systems. Safe and secure handling of credit card information and transaction.

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