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Maximize revenue through major OTAs and reach out to more guests. Automatically synchronize your inventory, rates, and discounts.

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AirHost Channel and Distribution

Reach out to more guests with full integration to various third-party channels

Channel and Automation

Reach out to more guests with auto functions and full integration to various OTAs and third-party channels.

Full integration

Everything is integrated and can be centrally managed in one place.

auto Rate management

Reach out to more guests with full integration to various third-party channels

Real-time bookings

Avoid double-bookings with auto and constantly sync of all calendars.

pricing templates

Create easy discount templates for different seasons. Make changes or apply to multiple properties at once.

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Integration with other Channel Manager

AirHost PMS support interconnectivity with other channel manager for more OTAs connections. Most travelers use OTAs to make their travel bookings, getting integrated with them is key for you to increase your online revenue. It is through OTAs that most travelers will find your property and eventually visit your website resulting in direct booking

Auto rates sync

Manage OTAs rates and rules directly from AirHost PMS. Automatically adjust the sales price percentage and synchronize with each OTA. AirHost inventory synchronization takes place in the shortest possible time and average of 5 minutes, which effectively reduces the risk of double booking compared to inventory management such as iCal.

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Real-time booking info from OTAs

Inventory management, pricing and automatic discounts can all be managed centrally. With AirHost, your availability and rates are always in sync. Each booking instantly updates all the other channels you’re listed on and removes the sold room from their available inventory in real-time.

Auto discount setting functions

Set auto discount percentage according to occupancy rate of weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and automatically apply the daily discount rate according to the reservation status.

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Custom pricing templates

Easy creation of pricing templates tailored to the peak and off-peak seasons of each region! Save time and avoid errors creating your new properties or changing local seasonal charges by applying custom templates to multiple properties at once.

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