Manage multiple properties nationwide with all-in-one management solution

ALL Fortune Partners

“Also thanks to AirHost Check-in system, not only the good reviews about accommodation but also the one about our check-in have been increased, and guests commented that “Check-in was so easy”.”

- ALL Fortune Partners (AFP)


ALL Fortune Partners Co., Ltd. is a company which provide minpaku operation management service and for the properties in good locations from their owners they aim to create comfortable rooms for the guests who want to “travel in relax”.


At the opening of their business, there were many properties and rooms which located in different areas. It was extremely difficult for them to handle front desk reception in face-to-face. In order to reduce the cost of front desk operation work, AFP started to look for a PMS system that can understand their situation and provide them with full remote management solution. And then they found that AirHost had a good reputation and started to use AirHost products.


AFP uses AirHost Hospitality Management System (HMS) and AirHost ONE product for their full remote management solution. AFP have completed unmanned for Okinawa and Osaka properties with self check-in tablet installed for 8 units and pre check-in set up for 70 rooms.

Since all of the major OTA sites in Japan and overseas can be synchronized through AirHost system, AFP can be able to manage all the reservation status of each OTA site just in one system - AirHost PMS. And the operation procedure was simple in the actual operation and human error can be reduced which was the deciding factor for AFP chose AirHost.

Online Travel Agencies (OTA): Airbnb,, Expedia, Agoda, AsiaYo !, Free Customer, Rakuten Travel,


Since the implementation of AirHost PMS and AirHost Check-in system, AFP has increased the number of properties in Japan nationwide, and many properties have received high reviews on OTA sites from guests.

By using AirHost system, AFP can manage all the properties just in one place. Each staff member can have their own account so that it is very easy for manager to know who is in charge of which task and it also become possible to communicate with high-quality guests in time with auto messaging function in AirHost. These all lead to an increase in the number of managed properties.

AirHost also handled AFP’s requirement about collecting guest information by location and provided the customized solution for them, which helped AFP operate multiple properties easier.

Client Feedback

Before we started to use AirHost system, we need to check the room charges, reservations, and cleaning status for each property manually to prevent double booking. After the implementation of AirHost system, all tasks can be done only by checking in AirHost PMS and then all information can be in hand easily. Also we can check by each staff’s own account to know who was in charge of which task and how long it was executed, that can help us improve operation efficiency and shorten staffs’ work time.

Also thanks to AirHost Check-in system, not only the good reviews about accommodation but also the one about our check-in have been increased, and guests commented that “Check-in was so easy”.

In the future, AFP will focus more on unmanned hotels and aim for new hospitality services by following the hotel technology tend which pandemic brought.

*The case study above was compiled by AirHost according to the interview with ALL FORTUNE PARTNERS CO., LTD. (AFP) organized in June, 2020.