What is AirHost? Key Features and Benefits【with diagrams】

What is AirHost -eyecatch-

Let's discuss the services, features, and characteristics offered by AirHost.

Have you ever thought, 'I want to streamline the management of my vacation rental!' or 'I wish I could automate hotel operations!'? If so, you've probably heard that AirHost might be a good choice.

AirHost is an all-in-one system packed with 'nice-to-have' features for accommodation management.

Let’s take a closer look at its specific functionalities.

What you’ll learn in this article:

- Basic information and achievements of AirHost

- The main 8 features of AirHost

- Pricing and payment methods of AirHost

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Basic Information & Achievements of AirHost

What is AirHost? Basic Information

AirHost Basic Information

Number of Facilities Implemented: 6500 facilities, 600 companies!

Monthly Fee: From 6,000 JPY

Biggest Feature of AirHost: All-in-one, everything you need!

Contents of the All-in-One Package:

- Site Controller

- PMS (Property Management System)

- Booking Engine

- Self Check-In

Manage multiple facilities with one account!

Specialized in automation, significantly reducing operational workload!

Tablet Installation: Not mandatory, guests can use their smartphones for self check-in

Languages Supported: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Integrated Smart Locks:

RemoteLock, KEYVOX, Keycafe, KEY STATION, ASSA ABLOY, etc.

Integrated OTAs: Airbnb, Rakuten, Jalan, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, etc.

Payment Services Integrated: Stripe


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While there are several similar systems available for accommodation facilities, many users who switch from other companies often return to AirHost, stating, "AirHost was the better choice after all."

For AirHost's reputation and reviews, please refer to the following

What is AirHost? The Main 8 Features!

What is AirHost? The Main 8 Features!

AirHost is not just an inventory synchronization and management system.

It’s an all-in-one system equipped with 8 powerful features in addition to its site controller function for syncing inventory and rates!

You won’t believe how much it will transform your operations.

  • Automated Messaging Feature

  • Message Management

  • Prepayment Feature

  • Keybox/Smart Lock Integration

  • Self Check-In

  • Cleaning Management Feature

  • Booking Engine Feature

  • PriceLabs Integration (Dynamic Pricing Feature)

Let's take a closer look at each of these features.

Feature #1 Automated Messaging: Drastically Reduces Effort

With other providers, you might find, "They have a messaging feature, but when you open it up, it only sends messages to a few OTAs..." That’s not the case with AirHost.

A major appeal of AirHost's automated messaging feature is its ability to reliably send messages to guests from various OTAs (such as Airbnb, Rakuten Travel, Jalan, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, etc.).

The reason? AirHost has implemented the optimal messaging method for each OTA, combining APIs and email transmissions!

Feature #1 Automated Messaging: Drastically Reduces Effort

With various situations (such as at booking confirmation, a number of days before check-in, after check-in, or after check-out), messages can be sent automatically, allowing you to customize each message according to your operational needs.

This is surely a welcome feature for vacation rental owners. It allows you to quickly and reliably communicate necessary information to guests easly.

Feature #2 Message Management: Simplifying Communication

How about message management? With AirHost, you can manage messages from all OTAs in one inbox.

It’s like managing multiple email accounts on your iPhone’s mail app. (You don’t have to log in to each OTA separately to check and reply to messages anymore!)

Feature #2 Message Management: Simplifying Communication

Since everything is managed within AirHost, you can quickly check messages, saving time and avoiding potentially negative reviews due to missed replies.

More details will be explained in the following article!

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Feature #3 Stripe's Prepayment Feature: Increased Security

With AirHost's integration with Stripe, you can instantly verify the validity of credit cards at the time of booking (authorization) and perform automated payments according to a set schedule.

When bookings that require local payment come through OTAs like Booking.com or Expedia, Stripe automatically checks the card information and notifies guests immediately if there’s an issue.

Feature #3 Stripe's Prepayment Feature: Increased Security

This avoids the risk of non-payment due to no-shows and enhances the security of facility operations.

This feature is particularly useful for sites like Booking.com, which do not verify card validity at the time of booking. Normally, the facility only receives card information without any validation.

Using AirHost allows for pre-verification of card validity, significantly reducing the risks associated with no-shows and cancellations without any hassle.

If you want to automate safely and securely, contact AirHost: Contact AirHost

Feature #4 Keybox/Smart Lock Integration: Easy Key Management

With AirHost’s smart lock integration, managing keys for your accommodation becomes much easier.

A unique PIN is automatically issued for each guest's stay, eliminating worries about reusing the same number after checkout and providing substantial security.

Additionally, you can notify guests of the key number before check-in or inform them on the check-in date using a tablet or the guest’s smartphone, allowing for flexible operation.

Feature #4 Keybox/Smart Lock Integration: Easy Key Management

You can choose from various smart locks tailored to the type of door, installation location, and budget, implementing the perfect security solution that feels customized.

Feature #5 Self Check-In: Streamlining Operations

AirHost’s self check-in allows guests to pre-check-in before arrival, and complete the check-in process in just 10 seconds on-site!

Guests can skip long lines and tedious procedures, receive their room number and smart lock code (or card key) immediately, and enter their room right away.

Even in vacation rentals where keys are handed over using a key box, any necessary PDFs, such as location and opening instructions for the key box, can be displayed.

Smart Check in GIFーHennna Hotel ー

Case Study: Henn-na-Hotel Hotel / H.I.S. Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.

For the facility, this reduces the burden of check-in, solves staffing shortages, and cuts costs.

Check-out is also easy, with no need for key returns.

Feature #6 Cleaning Management: No Worries with Just a Smartphone

Let’s also introduce AirHost's cleaning management feature.

Based on booking information, it automatically generates a task list for cleaners and directly sends them notifications.

The day before cleaning, it automatically reminds cleaners about the rooms that need attention.

Moreover, a single cleaner can manage multiple facilities, and when handovers are necessary, previous cleaners’ notes and cleaning schedules can be seamlessly shared.

Feature #6 Cleaning Management: No Worries with Just a Smartphone

Rooms needing cleaning are marked specially (shared on a dedicated page), so it’s clear at a glance where and when cleaning should be done.

What’s even more impressive is that all this can be managed from a single smartphone. Whether you’re on the go, at home, or at a cafe by the beach, you can check cleaning statuses and communicate with cleaners.

With AirHost's cleaning management, you’re freed from worries like, "Did that room get cleaned?" and can always welcome the next guest into a spotless room.

Feature #7 Booking Engine Feature: A Google-Friendly Website Made Easy!

With AirHost’s booking engine feature, your accommodation’s official website can be set up in no time.

Just set up photos and text to start attracting customers directly from your brand, with zero sales commission!

The UI/UX is user-friendly and simple, making it easy for anyone to book.

Fully integrated with other AirHost features, it seamlessly connects every process from booking to check-in, smart key usage, and card payment, allowing you to launch a commission-free direct booking website.

Feature #7 Booking Engine Feature: A Google-Friendly Website Made Easy!

Inventory is synchronized in real-time, so it coordinates perfectly with OTA bookings, and you can create booking pages that leverage each facility's unique features, enabling optimal sales strategies tailored to each facility.

Cancellation policies and payment methods are customizable to your needs.

Moreover, the design allows comfortable booking from smartphones and tablets. It supports four languages and displays prices in the guest's local currency, making it easy for international guests to book.

Offer the lowest price guarantee on direct bookings from your own site, making it the best option for both guests and you.

Integrate Google Analytics and Google Minpaku-Hotel collaborations are also possible!

Feature #8 PriceLabs Integration: Smart Pricing with Dynamic Pricing!

AirHost is integrated with PriceLabs.

What’s amazing about this feature, called dynamic pricing, is that AI checks market trends, seasons, and event-based demand to automatically set the perfect price.

For example, it raises prices during high-demand periods like summer vacations or Golden Week and offers discounts during quieter weekdays. All this is automatically calculated by AI and adjusted daily.

This means less regret thinking, "Could I have charged more during that period?" or "Would a lower price have led to more bookings?"

Even more impressive is that you can set minimum and maximum prices.

Feature #8 PriceLabs Integration: Smart Pricing with Dynamic Pricing!

You can decide on prices with statements like, "I don’t want to sell below this price" or "That price is a bit too much."

AI updates prices daily, so you can always have the optimal pricing aligned with the market.

Moreover, you can check how pricing has improved compared to last year, reducing mistakes in pricing and potentially offering better business insights.

By leveraging digital power, you can reduce concerns about vacancies while expecting revenue growth, and smartly and efficiently manage your accommodation—truly a perfect method for today’s era!

If you want to be free from manual tasks, contact AirHost: Contact AirHost

AirHost Pricing & Payment

AirHost Pricing & Payment

AirHost's pricing structure is designed such that the cost per room decreases as the number of managed properties increases.

Three Pricing Plans

We offer the following three plans:


A basic plan for vacation rental site controllers and PMS:

  • Basic site controller features

  • Basic PMS features

  • Basic check-in and cleaning management

  • Automated guest messaging

  • Message management - Standard reports


A plan for vacation rentals and small hotels that require more advanced features, in addition to the Lite features:

  • Includes all Lite features

  • Integration with third-party site controllers

  • CSV rate import, rank settings

  • Guest registry management

  • Automatic room assignment

  • Check-out management

  • Tax management, receipts/invoices


A comprehensive plan for managed service providers and mid-sized hotels that offers full access to all features:

  • Includes all Pro features

  • PriceLabs, cross-listing

  • Meal plan settings

  • Advanced PMS features

  • Comprehensive reporting

  • Advanced accounting functions

Prices vary depending on the number of facilities/rooms managed and the features required.

For specific pricing and service details, please visit the AirHost Official Pricing Page or contact us.

Payment Methods

We offer monthly or annual payments.

Credit cards, PayPal, and automatic bank transfers are all accepted.

Can You Cancel?

If you feel it’s not the right fit, you can cancel! Cancellation methods can be found on this page or you can ask our support desk.

Please be assured that there will be no issues with refusing cancellation.

Summary: Streamline Your Operations with AirHost's 8 Features!

AirHost is an all-in-one system that provides a site controller, PMS, booking engine, and self check-in! Especially focused on automation, it offers features that accommodation owners have been dreaming of:

  • Automated messaging

  • Message management

  • Prepayment settings

  • Keybox/smart lock integration

  • Self check-in

  • Cleaning management

  • Booking engine features

  • PriceLabs (Dynamic pricing feature)

These features provide both guests and owners with a comfortable and secure lodging experience. AirHost continues to evolve, constantly enhancing its powerful support tools to ensure it remains at the forefront of providing an excellent accommodation experience.

As we continue to digitize and promote efficient operations, we look forward to advancing the hospitality industry together.

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