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【Vacation Rental / Minapaku】Shiki Properties
【Area】Kansai(Osaka, Kyoto)
【Total number of facilities / number of guest rooms】34 with break down
【Home Page】https://www.shikiproperties.com/

AirHost usage pattern

Channel Manager AirHost PMS
Payment Solution Stripe
Booking Engine AirHost Booking Engine
*Physical check in (houses and hotel)
Posted OTAs:Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, Ctrip, Jalan, Rakuten

Q1. Please tell us about your facility.

Shiki Properties is an ever growing team of local residents with a passion for global travel as well as the intriguing timeless beauty of Kansai. We provide artistically renovated homes that seek to preserve Japanese tradition and culture.

Q2. How did you get to know AirHost?

We have known about Airhost for several years and the system was recommended by a number of current happy users.

We needed a system with strong local OTA connectivity (as well as international), and our existing channel manager was unable to provide this functionality.

Q3. What kind of voices/feedback do you have from your staff regarding the usability of the system?

We have been using the system for around five months, and the general response from the team has been very positive. The system is user friendly, and we have also enjoyed the responsive service and follow up from our account representative.

The booking engine is clean and effective and other than some minor glitches that were quickly resolved, we have had little issues thus far.
Our front desk is particularly enjoying the improved functionality of the Airhost system.

Q4.Has there been any change in guest responses or reviews since the system was installed?

Our direct bookings have increased substantially since we have been with Airhost (including increased conversions through the booking engine). SEO of the booking engine is also considerable better and we are seeing our direct listing showing up in searches for the first time.

Q5. Please tell us your future vision.

We are expanding our experiences for guests. We hope your booing engine will be able to support the sale of our packages (accomadation + experiences).

SHIKI GROUP leads focus on expanding channels to get more direct booking effectively through booking engine not major supported by the same properties management market and makes high-margin operations.
Faced with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 and decreased booking in the whole Hotel Industry, it is really important to increase the profit margin of the each booking in their operation for future improvement.
Let get started to sale your properties directly to have better owner satisfaction, it must be helped your branding as well.

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