AirHost PMS starts API with smart lock “L! NKEY”

The cloud service “AirHost PMS” provided by Airhost Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Takashi Obata; hereinafter referred to as Airhost) is provided by Yumei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masakazu Uchino). ) Has started API cooperation today with the network-compatible electronic lock “L! NKEY”.

“L! NKEY” is an IoT-compatible electronic lock that can be remotely managed. By linking with the cloud management system, remote / automatic key delivery and return (checkout) operations are possible.

With this API integration, the PIN code (personal identification number) that was manually set after the reservation is confirmed by the guest can now be automatically issued and updated from the AirHost PMS. Since it is linked to all functions such as automatic message, automatic room allocation function, automatic payment function, etc., it is possible to automate key management and delivery according to the operation method of the facility and guests.

In addition, the addition of new key devices has increased the number of door types that can be installed and expanded the options for smarter keys.

  • 1) Collectively manage key device information on AirHost PMS

By adding an L! NKEY account in AirHost and linking it to the listing for each key device, you can manage the guest name, PIN code, and validity period.

  • 2) After reservation is confirmed, PIN code is automatically issued / updated according to guest check-in / out

A PIN code will be automatically issued according to the length of stay of the guest. Even if the reservation is extended or canceled, the PIN code will be automatically updated / cancelled.

  • 3) At hotel facilities, it is possible to issue a PIN code according to “room allocation”

Since each room and key device are linked in the AirHost PMS, a PIN code will be issued according to the “room allocation” and it will be automatically updated when the room allocation is changed. You can also automate room allocation by using the “Automatic room allocation optimization” function.

  • 4) “Automatic message” function, “Check-in tablet” automatically notifies guests

By using the [PIN code] tag in the automatic message function of AirHost PMS (when confirming reservation, check-in × message before day, etc.), guests can be automatically notified at a fixed date such as 3 days before check-in. I will.
Alternatively, you can use the tablet provided by AirHost Check-in to receive a PIN code notification after check-in.

[AirHost PMS: For account registration]
· Https://Cloud.Airhost.Co/en/accounts/host/sign_up
AirHost PMS account is available created online from the link above.
You can use it as a free trial for the first month.

Regarding initial setup, we will support free of charge while sharing the screen with video chat.
* Please contact the following for detailed inquiries.


Airhost will continue to provide systems that support daily work automation and efficient operation for accommodation facilities, thereby contributing to cost reduction of hotel / private lodging operations and improvement of guest satisfaction We will continue to.

[About MU-E
Co., Ltd. ] MU-E Co., Ltd. has been developed to promote IoT (Internet that connects people and things) in the living environment, with the vision of making the lives of many people “safe, comfortable and convenient”. I have been proceeding. Co-developed smart lock “L! NKEY” with Samsung including ISP business.
Furthermore, we are developing a wide range of businesses, such as setting up call centers at three locations in Japan.

・ Free internet condominium service for all rooms “F! Nelink”
・ Digital lock L! NKEY
・ Smart lock IoT service “F! Nelife”
・ Call center service “Real Estate Call Center”
・ 24-hour rush service “Japan Life Support 24”

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