[OTA]: Airhost Booking Engine

Note: This article is only applicable to properties managed under Airhost Property Management System (PMS).

Airhost Booking Engine feature lets you create your own website and receive direct bookings for your property.

This article covers the following topics:

Add Subscription for Booking Engine

  1. Under My Profile > Account Setting > SUBSCRIPTIONS, click CHANGE to add Airhost Booking Engine subscription.
Click change to add subscription.
  1. Add Airhost Booking Engine licenses for the number of rooms to be linked.
Add subscription.
  1. Click UPGRADE under Payment to confirm your subscription purchase.
  1. Once purchased, you will see Web Site option under LISTING MANAGEMENT.
Web Site option now available.

Enable Booking Engine for Property

  1. Select Subscription Add-Ons from the House Detail menu of the property you wish to enable Booking Engine, and add Airhost Booking Engine under WEBSITE for Website Add-On.

Tip: Go to House Detail menu of a property by clicking the property’s SETTINGS button from your Dashboard.

Add Airhost Booking Engine.
  1. Check that your Available License is sufficient to cover your Required License for the property. Click ENABLE to proceed.
Click enable.
  1. Click SAVE to enable Booking Engine for your property.
Click save.
  1. Once enabled, you will see Airhost added to your property’s LISTING MANAGEMENT > Channels (for hotel type property, it will be Room Channels) page. Click + icon to complete the set up of Airhost channel for your property.

Tip: Refer to Setting Price & Discounts > Syncing your Price to your Channels to complete your Airhost channel setup.

Click + to set up airhost channel.
  1. Important!! please ensure that Stripe payment has been set up and enabled for your property before proceeding.

Set Up Property’s Website

  1. Under LISTING MANAGEMENT > Web Site, go to Website Settings and click the Edit icon to configure your property’s website.
  1. Under Website Settings, you can enter your property’s Subdomain Name, and your Company Name. If you enable Link to own URL from Logo, make sure to enter your Own Web Page URL for the link.
Enter your website settings.
  1. Upload a Top Image, and 2 Logo images for your Website by clicking SELECT FILE and selecting the images you wish to use.
Select images to upload.
  1. Fill in the rest of the information where relevant for your property.
Fill in relevant information.
  1. Go back to the top of the page and click LANGUAGE & CONTENT to input content for your Website. You can select the language you wish to add for your content and click ADD LANGUAGE.
Select language to add.
  1. Input the contents for your Website, and repeat for all languages you wish to add.
Input website content.
  1. Back at the top of the page, you can click PREVIEW to see a preview of your Website with your entered settings.
Click preview.
  • Example
Website example
  1. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Add Property to Website

  1. Under LISTING MANAGEMENT > Web Site, go to Hotels to see the properties you have enabled Booking Engine. Click the SETTING icon of the property you wish to add.
Click setting icon.
  1. Switch on Published Status and enter the property’s Name and Description. You can click PREVIEW to see a preview of the Website, before you click SAVE.
Switch on published status.
  1. Click OPEN PMS PAGE if you need to edit your property’s details from the House Detail page. E.g. Your property’s facilities.
Edit facilities at house detail page.
  1. Add photos for your property under Photos page, by clicking UPLOAD and selecting the photos you wish to feature.
Upload property's photos.
  1. For hotel type properties, you will also have to enable Published Status for each Room Type you are listing under each ROOM TYPE > Room Details page. Input Room Type‘s Name and Description and click SAVE.
Publish your room types.
  1. To edit ROOM SETUP and AMENITIES, click OPEN PMS PAGE to go to the property’s House Detail page, where you can edit these settings under each room type’s Room Details page.
Edit room details.
  1. Enable your Rate Plans (for hotel type properties, it have to be done for each Room Type) at the Rate Plans page, by clicking the Edit icon of the Rate Plan you wish to add.
Click to edit rate plan.
  1. Switch on Website Published to enable the Rate Plan. You can set Refund Policy for the Rate Plan from the dropdown selection. Input a Summary and Description of the Rate Plan for all languages you have added. Click SAVE when done.
  1. For hotel type properties, you will also have to upload photos for each Room Type. At Room Photos page, click UPLOAD to select the photos you wish to add for the Room Type.
Upload room photos.
  1. You can check if you missed any content for your property under Contents Management. The symbols indicate the level of completeness of your settings for House Detail, Room Details, and Rate Plans.
Level of completeness.

You have successfully set up your Web Site.

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