[PMS]: Managing Your Booking Calendar

Note: This article is only applicable to hotel type property.

This article covers the following topics:

View Property’s Booking Calendar

  1. From your property’s House Detail menu, click on Booking Calendar.

Tip: Go to House Detail menu of a property by clicking the property’s SETTINGS button from your Dashboard.

Click booking calendar.
  1. At the Booking Calendar, the current day will be highlighted in orange. Today’s Check-in status:
  • Before Check-in – There is a check in for the room today.
  • After Check-in – Room is occupied today.
  • Vacancy – Room is vacant today.
Current date highlighted in orange on booking calendar.
  1. You can scroll left or right within the calendar to view past or future Bookings.
  2. When you click on the dropdown of a Booking, you can View Details of the Booking, Unassign, or Lock Booking.
Click dropdown.
  • View Details – Will open the Booking Details in another window.
  • Unassign – Will move the Booking to Unallocated Bookings if it is a current or future Booking.
  • Lock Booking – Will lock the Booking so it cannot be Unassigned nor re-allocated to another room.
  1. You can filter by Room Type to view only the Bookings for a Room Type.
Filter by room type

Allocate Booking

  1. To allocate an Unallocated Booking, click on the Unallocated Booking and drag it to the room you wish to assign it. The assigned room must be vacant and not unavailable for the period of the Booking.
Drag unallocated booking to a vacant room.
  1. You can re-allocate an unlocked Booking by clicking on it in the calendar, and dragging it to another room that is vacant and not unavailable for the period of the Booking.
  2. If a Booking is dragged to a different Room Type, you will be prompted to cancel or proceed with the allocation.
Click to proceed.

Update Batch Availability

  1. You can batch update availability for a room by inputting the Start Date, End Date, selecting Status, and Room. Click SAVE.
Enter the settings.
  1. Refresh the page to see the block in the Booking Calendar.
Not available block.
  1. To remove the block, set the period to Available and SAVE the updated settings. Refresh the page to check that the block is removed in the Booking Calendar.

Auto Room Arrangement

Airhost Auto Room Arrangement feature automatically optimise Bookings allocation to maximise rooms’ occupancy rate.

  1. Click ENABLE to activate the Auto Room Arrangement feature.
Click enable.
  1. Switch on Enabled, and set the number of days prior to check-in after which the bookings will not be re-arranged. Click SAVE.
Set up auto room arrangement.
  1. Click OPTIMIZE RESERVATION ARRANGEMENT to start optimisation.
Click optimize reservation arrangement.
  1. You will be prompted to cancel or proceed with the optimisation.
Click to proceed.

You have successfully managed your bookings.

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