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There are two ways to assign a cleaner:

  • Automatic Cleaner Assignment: Set up a cleaner in the listing settings so that the cleaner is automatically set at the time of booking and the schedule notification and sharing can be automated.
  • Manual Cleaner Assignment: If you want to assign a cleaner each time, you can do so from the cleaning calendar.

Automatic Cleaner Assignment

1. Under “Listing Management” > “Dashboard”. Click on the Settings icon.

2. On the left sidebar, click on the “Cleaning Management“. Then, click “Add Cleaner“.

3. Fill in the details and click “Save“.

You may share with Cleaners this URL for them to Auto-login. Cleaners can view their assigned cleaning and reservations through their own URL:

In the example above, Cleaner 1 would now be assigned to the listing you have selected whenever a booking is made unless a Manual Task has been added.

Cleaning Calendar

Manual Cleaner Assignment

1. Select “Cleaning” on the navigation bar > “Cleaning Calendar“.

The Star Icon represents there is a check-in on the same day.

2. The Red lines indicate there are no cleaners assigned to the booking yet. Click on it and the task details will pop up.
Select a Cleaner from the drop-down list under “Cleaner” and enter your comments if any. Then, click “Save“.

Creating a New Task

1. Click on the First icon on the left sidebar. This allows you to Search or Create a new task.

2. Click on the “New Task“. Fill in the details and click Create Task.

Add a New Cleaner

1. You may also “Add New Cleaner” through the second icon on the left sidebar.

2. Click on the three vertical dots of the Cleaner > Click “Auto Login Information“. Copy the link URL, this would be the direct link to the Cleaner’s Dashboard, Calendar and Schedule.

Notify Cleaner

1. Click on the Third icon on the left sidebar. You may Notify Cleaner and set frequency to either Daily or Monthly.

Email Templates

1. Under “Cleaning” > select “Email Templates“.

Glossary of the customization of email messages:

Tomorrow Cleaning Task Reminder Sent to your cleaner the day before cleaning.
New Cleaning Schedule Notification Notify your cleaner about the new cleaning schedule.
Cleaning Update Notification Notify your cleaner when the cleaning schedule changes.
Cleaning Cancellation Notification Notify your cleaner when the cleaning schedule is canceled.
Cleaning Cancellation Notification to Admin Email sent to admin when the cleaning schedule is canceled.
Next Month Cleaning Task List Email sent to cleaner every 21st of every month.
Next Cleaner in charge Memo Template This is a template for writing a memo to hand over to the next cleaner from the link in “Reminder email the day before cleaning”.

* {{date}} and {{house_name}} tags can be set in the title.
* {{dstart_was}} displays the starting date of the booking.
* The {{cleaning_tasks}} tag displays the target cleaning schedule in a table. You can check it with “Preview”.
* Each tag can be inserted by clicking the icon.

Cleaning Email Notification Setting

1. Under “Cleaning” > select “Settings“.

Same Checklist for listings

If you have the same checklist for all your listings, you may create a checklist in Google Docs and attach the link. Alternatively, you may manually type in the contents of the cleaning checklist. (It is advisable to use Google Docs for easier reference).

Specific Checklist for each listing:

1. Under “Listing Management” > “Dashboard”. Click on the Settings icon.

2. On the left sidebar, click on the “Cleaning Management“. Enter the Cleaning Manual URL for a specific checklist for each listing. This URL will be shared in the reminder email sent the day before.

Note: The Number of Max Guests can be found in your Room Detail page at the “Room Setup” tab under “Occupancy”.

Enable this toggle if you would want to set the max number of guests if the next booking is more than 4 days away.

Cleaning Task Overview

1. Under “Cleaning” > “Cleaning Tasks“.

Click on the “User“. You will see the details of the Cleaner.

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