[IoT Lock]: KeyWe

  • KeyWe lock comes in two parts, the Lockpad and the Gateway.

The gateway is paired up with the lock . One gateway can manage multiple locks. Every gateway has a unique serial number that is needed for setting up the lock account in Airhost PMS. Airhost PMS controls the lock by communicating with the gateway.

1. Under “Listing Management” > Click “IoT Lock Accounts“.

2. Click on “New IoT Lock Account” on the left sidebar. Next, select “KeyWe” as the type.

3. Enter the details and click “Save”.

Gateway Name: Enter a Unique Gateway Name. If you have more than one gateway, choose a name that is easier to identify.
Serial Number: Enter the gateway’s Serial Number which can be found at the back of the gateway.
Country code: Enter the country code where the lock will be located.

4.Click on the “New IoT Lock Device” button

Connecting the Lock and the Gateway

1. Below shows the instructions to connect the lock and the gateway.

You would need: 1) The Lock to be close-by, 2) Locate the Reg button next to the battery, & 3) The Master code from KeyWe.

Enter a name for the Lock and click “Save“.

Registration Command: [Reg button] + [Master Code] + [#] + [88] + [*]

2. You will hear a loud beep. Then, follow the registration command. When it is completed, wait for a few seconds for a melody to play from the gateway. This would indicate the successful registration of the lock. The lock is now added to the gateway.

3. Click on the “Link a Room” to link the lock to a room.

4. Select the details of the House and Room from the drop-down list and click “Apply“.

5. After the guest makes a booking and it has been confirmed, a PIN will be generated. The PIN is valid from the start date to the end date.
The Start date is the Check-in date whereas the End date is the Check-out date.

When the status is Upcoming: PIN is on standby until the Start date. The status will change to Current at the Start date and PIN is now ready for use. The status will change to Deactivated/Expired at the End date and the PIN would be invalid. Refresh the page to see the change of statuses.

6. Should any case you would need to revoke access, click on the dropdown button on the right > select “Revoke access” if you need to deactivate the PIN.

You have now successfully created a new IoT lock account.

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