[Auto Messages]: Property Specific Extra Memos

Note: This article is only applicable to properties managed under Airhost Property Management System (PMS).

This function is used for setting up messages specific to a property, which will reflect under the Extra Memo tag in Common Messages.

  1. Go to House Detail menu of the property either by selecting SETTINGS from your Dashboard.
Click property's settings from dashboard.

OR Either by selecting Edit from LISTING MANAGEMENT > Property List (Pro), or clicking on the property’s Nickname.

Click on property's nickname or select edit.
Click the property’s Nickname, or select Edit.
  1. Select Auto Messages from the House Detail menu. Click Edit for the message you want to set up property specific messages.
Select edit.
  1. Write your message in the {{extra_memo}} message editor window and click SAVE when done. Tags you can use are the same as Common Messages. The message you write here shows up in the spot where you insert {{extra_memo}} in the corresponding Common Message.
Compose message and save.

Tip: Set up Common Messages from BOOKINGS > Booking’s Auto Messages.

Extra memo tag in common message.
Content from the Extra Memo appears where the Extra Memo tag is inserted in the Common Message.
  1. Remember to check that Common Message is set up and enable Auto Messages for the messages you want to send out.
Enable auto messages.

You have successfully set up Property Specific Messages.

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