[Payment Gateway]: Setting Up Stripe Payment

Note: This article is only applicable to properties managed under Airhost Property Management System (PMS).

You can link online payment service Stripe to your Airhost Property Management System (PMS).

This article covers the following topics:

Set Up Stripe Account

  1. Create an account at https://stripe.com/sg.
  2. Ensure your phone verification is completed under Account information.
Go to account information
Go to Account information.
Complete phone verification.
Complete phone verification.
  1. Tax information must also be completed under Settings > Tax details.
Complete tax information.

Add Subscription for Payment Solution

  • Note:
    • Reservations that have been confirmed before Stripe is linked will not be automatically settled. For confirmed reservations, please log in to Stripe directly and process manual payment.
    • However, if the guest updates the card information for reservation made before the link, the card information will be linked.
    • Before linking, please take note of reservations that have already been settled by marking them as paid so that unnecessary settlements do not occur.
  1. Under My Profile > Account Setting > SUBSCRIPTIONS, click CHANGE to add Payment Solution.
Click change to add subscription.
  1. Add Payment Solution for the number of rooms to be linked.
Select number of rooms to link.
  1. Click UPGRADE under Payment to confirm your subscription purchase.
Click upgrade to confirm.

Link Stripe to Airhost PMS

  1. Go to LISTING MANAGEMENT > Payment Accounts to add a STRIPE account from + NEW PAYMENT ACCOUNT.
Select Stripe under new payment account.
  1. Set up your Stripe Payment Account by filling in the Name, Preferred commission rate, Preferred channel types, and click SAVE when done.
Set up Stripe payment account details.

Note: Stripe payment will be processed only for the selected Preferred channel types.

  1. Click Connect with Stripe on the Payment Account detail page of the created account, and log in to Stripe.
Click connect with stripe.

Enable Stripe Payment for Property

  1. Select Subscription Add-Ons from the House Detail menu of the property you wish to enable Stripe payment, and add Payment Solution usage under PAYMENT for Payment Add-On.

Tip: Go to House Detail menu of a property by clicking the property’s SETTINGS button from your Dashboard.

Add payment solution usage.
  1. Click ENABLE to activate Stripe payment for the property.
Click enable to activate Stripe payment.
  1. Set up when you want payment to be charged.
Set when to charge payment.
  1. You can also enable the following options:
Options available.
  • Wait payment settlement after 24 hours after booking (excluding last-minute booking made within 48 hours before check-in)
    • When enabled, payment will be processed 24 hours after the booking is made even if payment is set to Charge immediately upon booking.
    • This will avoid cancellation charges for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking.
  • Do not check credit (Only check credit card info)
    • When enabled, Stripe will not process authorisation for the booking amount and will only check the provided credit card validity.

Change Guest Payment Option for Property on Booking.com

  1. On your Booking.com account, go to Property > Policies.
Go to property's policies.
  1. Under Other policies > Guest payment options, click Edit.
Click edit for guest payment options.
  1. Select supported card types and click SAVE. Stripe supports VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners.
Select supported card types.

Note: The use of JCB requires a separate review by JCB.

View Your Stripe Transactions

  1. You can view your Stripe transactions under LISTING MANAGEMENT > Payment Accounts.
Payment accounts page.

Note: For failed authorisations, “Report cancellation due to invalid credit card” option will be displayed. This can be used to cancel Booking.com reservation if a certain period of time (usually 24 hours) has passed since the authorisation if there is no follow up response by the customer.

You have successfully set up Stripe payment for your Airhost PMS account.

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