[OTA] Airbnb: Sync Your Imported Property to Airbnb

Note: This article is only applicable to properties you have imported from your Airbnb channel.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Syncing an imported property from your Airhost account to your Airbnb channel

Tip: Select your property from LISTING MANAGEMENT > Property List (Pro)

Syncing to Airbnb

  1. Activate Airhost management for the property by clicking on START MANAGING on its House Detail menu. Click CONFIRM from the pop up message to activate.
Click start managing.
  1. Click on Room Channels under the House Detail‘s menu to see details of the Airbnb channel you have imported the property from.
Click room channels from menu.
  1. Please confirm the below conditions before you click on ENABLE PRICING & AVAILABILITY SYNC for the property.
    • Airhost Calendar & Pricing will be synced to Airbnb so you can centrally manage with other channels. Make sure you have correct price settings in Calendar & Pricing page before enabling.
    • The listing will be temporarily unlisted from Airbnb until it is approved.
    • The existing listing is converted to Instant Book if it was previously Request to Book.
    • All iCal imports in Airbnb will be disconnected after the linkage is complete. So it is important to make sure Airhost has all the reservations and blocked dates for this listing.
    • Airbnb price calendar will no longer be available. All block and price control will be done from Airhost price calendar after enabling sync.

Note: The listing will be unlisted on Airbnb until it is approved. The approval process may take several days depending on Airbnb.

  1. After the sync is enabled, Document URI and Last Synchronization Time will be updated, and you will see a green Edit button appear on the Channel SETTING tab.
  2. Click the Edit button and switch on Enabled to set the options for the sync.
Switch on enabled to set options for sync.
  1. Click on SAVE to start the sync, and click SAVE TO START PRICE SYNC to proceed. Click on GO TO CALENDAR & PRICING PAGE if you need to check or set the pricing and availability for the property.
Ensure pricing and availability of the property is correct before proceeding.

You have successfully sync a property from Airhost to your Airbnb channel.

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