[OTA] Airbnb: Link Imported House(s) from Airbnb to Airhost Listing

Note: This article is only applicable to imported houses that already exist on Airhost.

1. Select “Listing Management” > “Dashboard“.

2. Click on the “Settings” icon next to the Airhost listing that you wish to link.

Click on the Settings icon

3. Click on “Channels“.

Click on Channels on the left bar

4. On the “Channels” page, select your target channel. Then, select the imported house that you wish to link. Click on “Link To This Room” button.

Select Target Channel and the Imported house and click Link To This Room.

5. Check the settings of the linked OTA. Click “Edit” if you wish to change the settings. Click “Save” once you are done.

Check the settings of the linked OTA.


1. Under “Listing Management” > “Channels“, select the Name of the imported house you wish to link.

2. On the Channel Credentials page, click “House List“. Search the property you want to link and click the icon on the right.

Select the dropdown “Link to an existing Room“.

* Check the import of the reservation.

** Import of bookings will start once you link the imported house to Airhost listing (except Airbnb), even the listing is still unmanaged. The time required for synchronization varies based on the number of bookings. Please make sure the booking synchronization is done properly. 

You have now successfully imported House(s) to Airhost Listing

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