[PMS]: Create Your Airhost Account

This article covers the following topics:

Set Up Your Airhost Account

  1. From Airhost homepage, click either SIGN UP or GET STARTED.
Click to start sign up.
  1. Fill in your Username, Password, Email Address, and Invitation Code if you have received one.
  2. Indicate your preference for subscribing to our monthly newsletter.
  3. Check Accept terms of service after reading our Terms of service and Cookie Policy, before clicking on SIGN UP.
Fill in your details.
  1. You will receive a Confirmation instructions email. Click on the link in the email to complete your registration.

Resend Confirmation Instructions

  1. In the event you did not receive the Confirmation instructions email, click SIGN IN from the homepage, and click RESEND CONFIRMATION INSTRUCTIONS.
Click to resend confirmation instructions.
  1. Fill in your email address and click RESEND CONFIRMATION INSTRUCTIONS.
Enter your email address.

You have successfully created your Airhost account.

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